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Tree Hazards

Tree Removal

How necessary is Tree Removal? This seemingly simple question often creates a wide range of conflicting answers. We at Kalamazoo Tree Service feel strongly that trees should only be removed as a last resort. There are numerous aspects to consider before reaching this vital decision. These crucial factors include: solidity / position of the slope, surrounding vegetation, soil type, density of the stand, the ability of the tree to sprout, a possible hazard posed to structures and the age/ health/ stability and density of the tree. Our technicians follow all standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure the safety and efficiency of every project. Kalamazoo Tree Service utilizes up-to-date machinery experience, and expertise to remove any tree in most circumstances. The method and equipment used will be determined by the size, age, and condition of the tree selected for removal.Once a tree has been removed, we can employ one of our stump grinders to eliminate the remaining stump quickly and effectively. Otherwise, the stump can be left intact, at your request.

Tree Hazard Checklist

Consider these questions when evaluating your trees:

~ Are there large dead branches in the tree?

~ Are there detached branches hanging in the tree?

~ Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or in major branches?

~ Are mushrooms present at the base of the tree?

~ Are there cracks or splits in the trunk or where branches are attached?

~ Have any branches fallen from the tree?

~ Have adjacent trees fallen over or died?

~ Has the trunk developed a strong lean?

~ Do many of the major branches arise from one point on the trunk?

~ Have the roots been broken off, injured, or damaged by lowering the soil level, installing pavement, repairing sidewalks, or digging trenches?

~ Has the site recently been changed by construction, raising the soil level, or installing lawns?

~ Have the leaves prematurely developed an unusual color or size?

~ Have trees in adjacent wooded areas been removed?

~ Has the tree been topped or otherwise heavily pruned?

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